The Pipistrel »Smart Dim« is a cockpit panel mounted instrument, used for centralized brightness control of other cockpit instruments and/or lights. Smart Dim enables the user to set the brightness level of all1 cockpit instruments simultaneously. The user has the option to set the brightness level manually or automatically via the integrated light sensor.

The Smart Dim implements a voltage-output signal used for brightness control of cockpit instruments. The output signal’s voltage range is selected in the unit’s menu. Note that the output range is dependent on the power supply voltage. The maximum output voltage is about 0.5V lower than the power supply voltage. Pipistrel’s recommended signal range is 1.0 – 7.0 V.  Any number of instruments can be controlled with the Smart Dim, as long as the total output current (sum of all currents from all output pins) is not higher that the one specified

The P-812-164-F3A’s blades are fabricated using a mould. The aluminum bushing at the root of the blade is applied first and then layers of carbon fiber fabric afterwards. For ease of painting, the last layer of fabric applied is of glass fibre. After curing the blades are painted and their edges fit with transparent protective tape.

The propeller hub is made of Aluminum EN AW-2007 T4 (DIN AlCuMgPb), whereas the adapter is made of EN AW-6082-T6 (DIN AlSi1MgMn). The spinner and backplate are made of carbon fibre composite.