LSA-MRA Frequently asked questions

Dear Pipistrel LSA aircraft owner,

According to the applicable ASTM standards, any repair, alteration or maintenance not covered by the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) requires authorization from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Until now Pipistrel has authorized such repairs/alterations/maintenance with a Letter of Authorization (LOA), however, due to recent changes to the aforementioned standards, we’ve replaced it with a new document called LSA Major Repair and Alteration (LSA-MRA).

What is an LSA-MRA?

LSA-MRA is a document issued by Pipistrel that approves a certain repair, alteration or maintenance. It includes:

  1. detailed information about what’s needed to perform the requested repair/alteration/maintenance, who’s permitted to carry it out and how to perform it.
  2. advice on how to verify that the repair/alteration/maintenance has been performed correctly and test it if necessary.
  3. a statement from Pipistrel confirming that the aircraft will maintain compliance with the requirements of the applicable ASTM design and performance standards after the repair/alteration/maintenance has been performed.

When is an LSA-MRA needed?

Owners/Operators of Pipistrel LSA aircraft MUST request and attain an LSA-MRA BEFORE performing any major repairs, alterations or maintenance. LSA-MRA’s requested subsequent to the repair/alteration/maintenance being performed will NOT be issued.

What is a major repair/alteration/maintenance?

According to the applicable ASTM standards, an LSA-MRA is required for any repair, alteration or maintenance that is not covered by the maintenance manual (AMM) or any other instruction for continued airworthiness (ICA) (i.e. service bulletin, service information, etc.). Therefore, if instructions on how to perform the repair, alteration or maintenance are not included in the AMM or any ICA’s, OR if the repair isn’t specifically classified as minor in the AMM, then it’s be considered major and an LSA-MRA is required.

To request LSA MRA fill in the form below.

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