Additional equipement

Additional equipment to make your flight easier, more economic and safer!

1. All-terrain wheels
2. System to suspend the aircraft
3. Aircraft trailers
4. Aircraft covers
5. Skis
6. Oxygen
7. Landing lights
8. Custom livery and logotypes


Landing on any terrain, no need for a firm, paved runway or even a grass strip. You can literally land on any smooth terrain which is solid enough to withstand the weight of your airplane.


Hangar too small? No problem, expand your storage space vertically – with the system to suspend the aircraft.




Do you wish to fly for absolutely free? It is possible!
With another World’s first by Pipistrel – the Solar Trailer(R) – the concept of Flying For Free is now available.

The Solar Trailer can charge-up aTaurus Electro G2 absolutely free and with zero emissions. Charging with the help of the Solar Trailer offers 1 kW of usable energy, this means charging time 10 hours for 30-Ah batteries and 12 hours for 40-Ah batteries.
Furthermore, even when you have to keep your Taurus Electro G2 stored in the trailer because during the week there is bad weather, it will still be charged and ready to fly by the weekend.
The Solar Trailer and Taurus Electro G2 are perfect companions and demonstrate how it is possible to fly free of charge, quietly and with absolutely zero emissions, with today’s technology!

Pipistrel Solar Trailer
Pipistrel Solar Trailer
Pipistrel Solar Trailer

The trailer offers both the 12 V connection (to charge your aux. instruments, etc) and 110V/220V connections at front and back of the trailer, where you connect the Taurus Electro G2’s charger. Also present is the solar-system by-pass, so you can charge the aircraft inside the trailer when parked in the hangar/garage, for example. The buffer battery of the trailer has the capacity of 3 kWh and its energy can be transmitted directly into the Taurus Electro G2. The SolarTrailer gathers energy also when you are flying, so you charge the Taurus Electro G2 also during the night with the energy that has accumulated during the day.


Even when the weather is bad, you don’t have to give up getting from A to B with your aircraft – just take it by road! Pipistrel trailers offer a safe and comfortable way or transporting your aircraft. They can also be used for storing your aircraft for several months over the winter or a longer period of bad weather.


Pajamas for your plane.

Aircraft covers


Who says flying has to end as soon as the first snow falls? Now you can fly through the winter!
And even better – with skis you can land on any firm snow surface (no need for a paved runway underneath) – and you can visit places which you couldn’t during the year.

Aircraft skis 2

Aircraft skis 5

Aircraft skis 3

Aircraft skis 6


O2 - Oxygen system

Many examples of use of the Oxygen system in practice you can find on the page of Extreme flights:

Mike with oxygen mask


Pipistrel LED Landing Light is a very powerful and economic front landing light. It is applicable to all brands and models of light aircraft. It doesn’t cause any radio noise or other disturbances in the performance of avionics. Despite using less energy it is significantly brighter than other lights of the same size class. And the best for the last – it’s also noticeably cheaper!

Download here:
Pipistrel LX 10 LED landing light BROCHURE.pdf

Pipistrel LX 10 LED landing light BROCHURE2.pdf


Pipistrel airplanes look nice, but you really want your own design on it… Or just want it another color… Or it’s a company plane and must display the logotype?

No problem! We can use your graphics and transform them into livery, which we put onto your aircraft so it is obvious from far away that it is yours and yours only!

Different liveries